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Hosted by: Felpham FM Hosts

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8 Bit News

Hosted by: James and Maisie

A weekly discussion covering all the latest gaming and tech news.

Twitter: @fcc8bitnewsfm

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Hosted by: Matt

Felpham FM's first chat show! A weekly podcast in which our host will chat to a random guest about a random range of topics.

Twitter: @fccarmasneddon

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Film Reel

Hosted by: Hallum, Mikey, Joe and Toby

A weekly discussion covering all aspects of film including reviews of the latest films (and some old ones too!).

Twitter: @fccfilmreelfm

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Half Time

Hosted by: Freddie, Harvey and Olly

Twitter: @fcchalftimefm

A fortnightly discussion of all things sport related - covering the college’s sporting achievements and anything else from across the globe.

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Hood (The Criminal Mona Lisas Book 1)

Felpham FM has joined forces with J M Bulpett to help distribute the audiobook version of Hood.

When fifteen-year-old Robbie Ash unintentionally puts a fellow student in hospital, he knows his pregnant mother will decide it is time to move on yet again. The Museum of Phantasmagoria awaits him: a place that stuffs and poses dead animals to enact scenes from history and legend, run by his callous, sinister stepfather, Gabriel Sage.

Please note: This audiobook does contain some explicit content and is best suited for a teenage audience, please consider this before subscribing.

Written By: J M BulpettRead By: Jack Collard with music produced by: Contradusk

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Hosted by: Felpham FM Hosts

Every special episode, plus every hour of our 24 Hour broadcast released as a new episode, in its own dedicated feed!

Twitter: @felphamfm

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Music Mania

Hosted by: Jasmin and Jasmin

Twitter: @fccmusicmaniafm

A fortnightly discussion of the weekly music news, reviews of the newest music releases and everyhting else music related.

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Off Task

Hosted by: Felpham FM News Corp

Coming Soon - A fortnightly podcast from the Felpham FM News Corp, covering news, youtube, books ... well possibly, it would be fair to say this lot never say on task for to long!

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Serial Thrillers

Hosted by: Dan and Ethan

Twitter: @fccserialfm

A fortnightly discussion of all things television!

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The Big Question

Hosted by: Felpham FM Hosts

Twitter: @fccbigqfm

A podcast which tackles the difficult topics and isn't afraid to ask the Big Question.

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The Outer Planes

Hosted by: Daniel and Hallum

Twitter: @fccplanesfm

A fortnightly podcast which focus on the world of RPG board games.

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Felpham FM Specials

Hosted by Felpham FM Hosts

Felpham FM Special Events and Shows

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Retired Shows

Charley and Luke's Magical Adventure

Hosted by: Charley and Luke

Welcome to Charley and Luke’s Magical Adventure, Felpham FM’s first show created purely for our 6th Form audience. Join Charley and Luke each fortnight as they bring their own unique point of view to … well just about anything! They will freely admit they don’t really know much about the topics they discuss but they are more than happy to talk about them anyway. So sit back, strap in and join them on their Magicial Adventure!

Editorial Note: This show is aimed at our 6th Form Audience and as a result the content reflects this. Please consider this before you download and listen to the podcast.

Twitter: @fccadventurefm

Listen Up

Hosted by: Felpham FM News Corp

A fortnightly podcast from the KS3 Journalism students, covering news, youtube, books and just about anything else they feel like talking about!

Twitter: @fcclistenupfm

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What's New?

Hosted by: Felpham FM News Corp

Twitter: @fccwhatsnewfm

A fortnightly podcast from the KS3 journalism students giving a fun, lighthearted overview of the local, national and world news, covering the normal to the outright bizzare.

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