Carla's Friday Night Box Sets

Written by: Carla

Now we all know how it feels when there’s absolutely nothing on the television, and all you can do is click "up channel" 100 times over in the hopes of finding something that won’t bore you to tears, for me it’s probably something on the history channel pawn stars or maybe some storage wars. However that’s not to everyone’s taste I know. So grab yourself a bag of popcorn or a tub of ice cream, throw yourself onto the sofa, and I’ll do the rest, because i present to you my "Friday night box sets" a set of fab film series or TV seasons to see you safely through from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

For my first Friday night gem I’ve decided to do something everyone will love that’s none to recently found its way back onto cinema screens. I'm talking to you about the X-men films. Now if you want to watch the new ones by all means do but, I advise you to wait until you’ve seen the originals! Now there are three original X-men films, X-men, X2 and X-Men The Last Stand all of which complete the fabulous X-men trilogy. Now between these films there was the original wolverine film “Wolverine Origins" but we'll leave that for another Friday.

The three X-men films revolve around 'mutants' genetically changed people whose DNA gives them special powers such as your standard super human strength... to being able to kill someone at the touch of a finger! However these mutants suffer serious scrutiny from the rest of us lousy human beings and this does not sit well with one 'Magneto' a magnetic mutant with a rather unattractive grudge, (see what I did there!). We follow two mutants in particular throughout these three films, Wolverine a brutish guy with claws and a memory lapse that covers a terrible past, and Rogue a young girl whose powers are far from controllable and wanted by more fiendish mutants. From these two we are given three great films that I definitely recommend to anyone, be you six or sixty you will love them!