The Lord of the Rings

Written By: Marie

The Lord of the Rings was originally a book written by J.R.R Tolkien that was adapted into a film trilogy. The first instalment was the Fellowship of the Ring, the second was the Two Towers and the final was the Return of the King. The story follows a Hobbit named Frodo as he journeys to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Travelling with him are a wizard named Gandalf, an elf called Legolas, a dwarf named Gimli, two men called Aragorn and Boromir and three other Hobbits, Merry, Pippin and Sam. Along the way they encounter many challenges including Orcs, a Balrog and a creature named Gollum who will do anything to reclaim his precious or the One Ring.

There are a number of different creature, people and races that inhabit Middle Earth the world where LotR’s is set. A few include the Elves who are immortal warriors and are the fairest and wisest of all the races. The Elves skin tone ranges from pale to tan with black, blonde, brown or grey hair. They are described as being, tall, slim, agile and graceful and speak a variety of different languages such as Quenya, Telrin, Westron, Sindarin and Nandorin. Their dominions include, Lindon, Rivendell, Lorien and Mirkwood among others. There are also the Dwarves, expert miners, who live to be about 250 years old with white skin and black, brown, blonde, grey, red or white hair. Dwarves are described as being short, stocky and bearded and their height ranges from 4’6 to 5’. They speak either Khuzdul or Westron and live in places such as the Glittering Caves, the Blue Mountains, the Grey Mountains and the Iron Hills among others.

Another inhabitant of Middle Earth is the Hobbits who are an ancient mortal race also known as Halflings. They have curly hair, thick leathery soles and hairy feet. Their height averages between 2’ and 4’ with white, tan or dark skin and hair that is black, brown, blonde, white or grey. They speak either Hobbitish or Westron and live mostly in the Shire but also in Bree and the Gladden Fields. Men also live in Middle Earth and have a lifespan of about 80 – 100 years except the Numenoreans and the Dunedain who have a longer then average lifespan. They have black, brown, blonde or red hair which turns grey or white in old age. Their height averages from 5’6 to 6’4 and 6’4 to 7’ for the Numenoreans. They speak many different languages such as Westron, Rohirric, Adunaic, Dalish, Rhunic, Harad and Black Speech and live places such as Gondor, Rohan, Arnor and Numenor among others.

People who are fans of this series sometimes go as far as to learn some of the languages the most common being one of the main Elven tongues, Sindarin or Quenya, I have actually been considering doing this but haven’t had the chance. The Lord of the Rings is a sequel to Tolkien’s first book, The Hobbit which follows Frodo’s uncle, Bilbo Baggins, on one of his adventures but I think the Lord of the rings is better mainly because I prefer the majority of the characters but they are both worth picking up and reading.