The Chronicles of Ixia

Written By: Charlotte

There are currently six books in this series of The Chronicles of Ixia but the writer, Maria V Snyder, has announced that she will be writing three more.

Let me tell you a little background history before we continue. The realm is split into countries, Ixia in the north and Sitia in the south. Ixia is split into eight Military Districts, each ruled by a general and each having their own colour so you can identify who is from what district. The Commander rules over everyone in Ixia, including the Generals and he has banned magic, so anyone possessing it either has to escape to Sitia or is killed. In Sitia there are 12 clans, the Bloodgood Clan, the Zaltana Clan, then Cowan Clan, the Featherstone Clan, the Sandseed clan, the Daviian Clan, the Stormdance Clan, the Greenblade Clan, the Krystal Clan, the Moon Clan, the Jewelrose Clan and the Cloud Mist Clan. They all have their own lands, so Sitia is split up as well. The Keep is located in the Featherstone Clan lands and it is where all young magicians go to learn how to control their magic.

In the first three books, Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study, we follow the story of Yelena. She learns about her magic but must hide it until the second book where she goes to Sitia to find her long lost family and learns how to control her magic. Yelena also starts to fall for Valek - a master assassin - who is bound to kill any person who possesses magic but he ultimately makes an exception for her. Yelena learns to be a brilliant fighter and can defend herself against daring odds.

In the next three books we follow the story of Opal Cowan, who was a minor character in the previous books. We join her as she struggles with her new found powers and as she falls in and out of love and tries to fight her attraction to Devlin. Opal is a skilled glassmaker and learns to be a superb fighter.

The upcoming books are going to go back to following the story of Yelena and Valek and should be coming out in the next couple of years. I, personally, cannot wait!