Carla's Friday Night Box Sets

Written by: Carla

Do you ever get an extreme craving for something so severe you have to run to the shop and buy it in bulk, like chocolate or ice cream, and you get home and just devour it in a few milliseconds? You eat a whole cake in world record timing and just sit there with chocolate round your mouth like Joey from friends.

Well that happened to me this weekend, only difference is…mine wasn’t for food. It was for doctor who. Call me lame if you will, but see if I care because I love a good bit of doctor who. I don’t mean the new series with Peter Capaldi, I mean the series with Christopher Ecclston, David Tenant and Matt Smith. Doctor Who is the one for sci-fi adventures and complicated plot sequence that, once resolved, make your face go like this guy here… ^o^.

Doctor Who is in fact the longest running sci-fi series that has ever existed! So if you have a boring weekend with absolutely nothing planned and lots of ‘wibbly wobbly timey wimey’ time stuff… cancel those plans and get your self on the sofa with the fabulous Doctor Who!