How To Survive Exams

Written By: Sophie

A lot of students struggle with the ever-increasing stress as they get closer to exams – I am one of those students. So, because of this, I thought that people would appreciate it if I did a ‘how to’ on getting through the exam period and the preparation for it as stress-free as possible.

1. Make a Plan

Don’t go head-first into revising without any structure of how you are going to do it and not knowing what you are going to revise otherwise you will sit there, not doing anything for at least 10 minutes – and that is 10 minutes wasted where you could have got some work done.

Make a timetable for your week, including what you will revise on each day, taking into account homework, and write down how long you will revise that subject on that day. For example, revise Chemistry for 1 hour every Tuesday. You don’t have to make a timetable, though. You could make a list, a chart etc. As long as you have something planned you can be more efficient when revising.

Get Revising is a great website that makes the timetable for you.

2. Eat properly and healthily

Don’t skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and if you miss it out you are not getting the energy you need to keep you going for the rest of the day. I know this sounds obvious but a lot of people don’t do it – eating breakfast regularly also helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Drink loads of water. It has a lot of health benefits and one of those is keeping stress levels down. 85% of brain tissue is water so if you take a bottle of water to school with you and keep refilling it throughout the day, you will stay hydrated and your mind won’t be stressed. Water also helps to prevent impurities in your skin so if your skin is clear, that is one less thing to worry about. Stressing about your skin causes more spots and if you are drinking water to prevent this then that is a little stress taken away that isn’t needed in the first place.

WebMD - 7 Wonders of Water

3. Eliminate distractions

If you are doing work on the computer there is always that possibility of distraction from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and once you log in to one of those sites there is no hope. So, if you have no self-control when it comes to the internet, here is this…

These websites/apps will help you to manage your time and block your access to distracting websites.

Keep your phone in a different room to the one you are working in and have no TV on in the background because any background noise is not helpful when you want to get on with work straight away and not stop.

4. Have some ‘me’ time

If you don’t take some time out each week from revising and working then it will all get the better of you. Relax a little and have 1 day a week after school or on the weekend where you don’t do any work. Watch a film, have a nap, do some drawing; whatever floats your boat and relieves the stress is a winner. There are hundreds of tutorials online for making things and lots of pointers for films to watch/books to read so check them out. (A nice easy-read or a light-hearted film is best during this hectic time).

5. Be happy

During exams everyone is going to be stressed so don’t let other peoples’ emotions rub off on you. Stay positive about everything and approach new things with optimism because that is most important when it comes to nailing those exams. If you wake up joyful, you are likely to be like that for the rest of the day, and if you walk into the exam happy, you will probably walk out happy; HAPPINESS IS KEY.