Life in Sixth form

Written By: Charlotte

So I’m in year 12, my first year of sixth form and I chose it over college. I did this because in sixth form we get more support than we would in college because the classes are smaller. I think I prefer sixth form to high school, the work is harder but the classes are more laid back, if you know what I mean. The teachers don’t just stand at the front and talk at you, they get more involved and they have conversations. However, this doesn’t mean they coddle you, they don’t carry you through they course, they let you have independence and allow you to stand on your own two feet. They essentially prepare you for university where you have to be almost completely independent.

The subjects I chose are Health and Social Care, Media Studies and English Language. Health and Social Care doesn’t require an exam, it is just coursework that I complete over the course of the year. I take single Health and Social Care and double Health and Social Care. The difference between these two is that next year in Double Health and Social Care I will be able to do work experience, which is good because when I’m older I want to go into some sort of work that involves childcare, such as a nursery or early year’s teacher. In English Language I have an exam that is split into two parts, the first part is Groupings where I have to group different texts and explain why I have grouped them as I have, and the second part is Language and Social Contexts, this is where I have a choice of questions and I either pick Gender, Power or Technology. In Media Studies I am doing theory and practical. The theory involves taking an exam that is split into two parts, the first part requires me to watch a video and then answer questions to do with Forms, Audience, Institution and Representation (FAIR) and the second part requires us to choose a question that is just about media in general and we have to link it to our cross media study. My cross-media study involves me looking at media products to do with the three platforms – Broadcast, Print and E-Media. My practical is the more fun side of media, I have chosen to do music so my group and I have to make a music video together and then I have to design a newsletter on my own.

Since I only have four subjects now I have lots of free periods, these are very useful. They are a good time to either have a break from lessons and in my case read a book or listen to music or you can use your free periods to do work, either catch up or homework so you won’t have as much to do at home. Personally I don’t really use the Costa stand because I don’t particularly like anything they sell (hot drink wise) but my twin Marie has a current obsession with hot chocolate, she gets it whenever she can and don’t worry she won’t mind me saying that, so I see why people like having Costa so much.

Sixth form is doing a great job of preparing me for University and I look forward to the next year and a half.