The Rocky Movies

Written By: Charlotte

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There are six Rocky movies and I love them! I usually don’t like older movies but these are just amazing. They star Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, Talia Shire as Adrian (Rocky’s girlfriend then wife) and Burt Young as Paulie (Rocky’s best friend and Adrian’s brother).

In the first movie Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer gets a very rare chance to fight the heavy-weight champion of the world, Apollo Creed, in a bout in which he strives to go the distance for his self-respect. The fight is epic and will have you cringing in sympathy due to the strong punches.

In the second movie Rocky struggles with his family life after his fight with Apollo Creed, while the embarrassed champ insistently goads him to accept a challenge for a rematch, even though they agreed to no rematch in the first movie.

In the third movie Rocky has been holding the title as the heavyweight champion of the world until he is defeated by the brutal challenger, Clubber Lang. Now he must regain his fighting spirit through a big rematch, trained by an unlikely ally: Apollo Creed.

In the fourth movie Iron man Drago, an intimidating 6-foot-5 Russian boxer, kills Apollo Creed in an exhibition match, so Rocky travels to the heart of Russia for 15 boxing rounds of revenge. Rocky trains in the gruelling snow covered terrain of Russia in order to become strong enough to avenge Apollo’s death.

In the fifth movie Rocky has reluctantly retired from boxing and is back from riches to rags, Rocky takes on a new protégé who betrays him and Rocky’s son must adjust to his family's new life after bankruptcy. In this film Rocky takes to the streets in a fight to prove his worth against the protégé that betrayed him.

In the sixth and last movie it is thirty years after the ring of the first bell and Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement and dons his gloves for one final fight against the reigning heavyweight champion of the world Mason 'The Line' Dixon. Rocky strives to prove he can still fight as well as he once did and Mason intends to take the title from Rocky officially so he is no longer considered a ‘fake’ champ.

The soundtrack in these movies is incredible. My favourite songs are probably ‘Burning Heart’ from Rocky 4, ‘No Easy Way Out’ from Rocky 4, ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ from Rocky 3 and ‘Heart’s On Fire’ from Rocky 4. As you can see I think the fourth Rocky movie has the best soundtrack but the others are good as well.

My favourite movie is probably the first one, the third one or the fourth one but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t brilliant as well!