Felpham's Recommended Reads

Written By: Carol

Carla recommends… Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

“This book will make you cry one second and laugh a line later, full of beautiful descriptions of the most ordinary things Chbosky writes a brilliant story, you will read in less than a day!”

Perks of being a Wallflower, published in 1999, is a coming-of-age novel and was recently adapted into a film of the same name (2013) directed by Stephen Chbosky starring Emma Watson and Logan Lerman. It got an 8.1 on IMDb. Read the book before you watch the film though!

Goodreads - 4.2/5

Carol (that’s me) recommends… Notes from a Big Country by Bill Bryson

“If you love a bit of U.S. culture comparison comedy, you’ll love this book by esteemed travel writer, Bill Bryson, who did a similar piece entitled ‘Notes from a Small Island’ which is the reverse comparison about the UK and all our quirks! A laugh-out-loud read!”

Notes from a Big Country is an autobiographic comedy non-fiction travel novel published in 1999.

Goodreads- 3.9/5

Charlotte recommends… Angel Fall by Susan EE

I like that it puts a twist on how people usually perceive angels. In this book angels aren’t the world’s saviors, they are God’s army against mankind. I also like that Penryn and Raffe (the main guys) are really funny.”

Angel Falls is a post-apocalyptic teen fantasy novel published in 2011 and the first in the ‘Penryn & the End of Days’ series.

Goodreads- 4.2/5