A Quick Update

I wanted to take this opportunity just to update you on what is going on here at Felpham FM and to highlight a few changes that are being made.

First of all, I would like to officially welcome our new hosts Chantal, Matt and Flynn to the network and I couldn’t be happier to have them join the team. You can find Chantal on Listen Up each week alongside Maddison; while Matt and Flynn are hosting the brand new Half Time which brings some much needed sports coverage to the network. They have all done a fantastic job fitting into the team and have been working hard to produce some great content, you can find Matt and Flynn on @fcchalftimefm and Chantal on @fcclistenupfm. I also need to say thank you to Brooke and Jaimee who have taken over The Big Question podcast. Their first two episodes as hosts have been fantastic and if you haven’t listened to them yet are really worth your time. (They are also open to topic suggestions so feel free to tweet them on @fccbigqfm)

We’ve got few changes that we would like to announce, the first of which is our release schedule. We have realised that we need a little more flexibility to help accomodate the workload of our hosts, especially as we move into the exam period. So from today, the new episodes will be released as quickly as possible (in most cases a few hours after they have been recorded) but not necessarily on the same day each week and there will be times when our hosts may have to skip a week due to exam and coursework commitments.

Finally, we want to make it easier for your to find the latest episodes so we are going to make some changes to our homepage. So from today, the latest episodes will always be the very first thing you see when you visit the site.

We hope that you like the changes and as always thank you for your continued support of Felpham FM!

Mr Manning
Programming Manager - Felpham FM