Teen Wolf: The TV Series

Written By: Marie

Teen Wolf is an American TV series developed by Jeff Davis and aired on MTV. It is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name. It is set in the town of Beacon Hills and follows the story if Scott McCall a socially awkward teenager who is bitten by a werewolf and must cope with how this curse affects his life as well of those closest to him. The main stars of the show include Tyler Posey as Scott (A werewolf), Dylan O’Brien as Stiles (Human), Tyler Hoechlin as Derek (Werewolf), Crystal Reed as Allison (Hunter), Holland Roden as Lydia (Banshee), Daniel Sharman as Isaac (Werewolf) and Arden Cho as Kira (Kitsune).

Beacon Hills sees it fair share of supernatural creature throughout the course of the show, the main one being werewolves. When transformed werewolves maintain a human like shape with glowing eyes, pointed ears and fangs, although some can transform to actually wolves. Werewolves have heightened senses, accelerated healing, enhanced agility, enhanced strength, pain transference and memory transference. Banshees can hear voices in their heads which often leads them to murder scenes and they can also write or draw messages from these voices. They have a piercing scream which helps them focus on what they need to hear. Overall there are 13 types of Kitsune, the ones mentioned in the series are celestial, wild, ocean, thunder and Nogitsune, which is the dark Kitsune. Kitsune have a fiery aura shaped like a fox and can be seen only in pictures and through wolf eyes and it is more noticeable in the young as they haven’t learnt how to conceal it. Kitsune have accelerated healing, enhanced speed and thunder Kitsune have Foxfire.