A life on social media

Written by: Nikki

We have all been tagged in an embarrassing photo online at some point in our lives, especially the ones our parents upload of us ( which I think are probably the worst photos in existence!! ). The popularity of social media means that nearly everyone and anyone can view these photos providing that the persons Facebook privacy settings are minimal-and let’s face it, your parents don’t even know how to properly use the site let alone change their security settings. However, after reading an article from the BBC, ‘Should children ban their parents from social media?’ it made me think about the importance of having family members online.

I am getting to the age in my life where people around me are having babies! Whether its family members or older friends, I’ve seen an influx of baby bump and sleeping baby photos on my Facebook timeline. Although it becomes tedious as all babies pretty much look the same, I feel like it is a positive thing to do. When my sisters and I were younger, social media sites really weren’t that popular and so many of our family members who lived further away missed out on seeing us growing up. Now, the extremely popular use of Facebook and Twitter means that people can keep in touch and watch their loved ones grow.

Uploading photos and status' allow us to look back and reminisce old memories we had previously forgotten. Apps such as 'Timehop' and Facebook's built-in 'memories' feature enable us to look back to whatever we were doing on this day however many years ago and see what we were up to. Parents are often fans of using the 'check-in' function inside Facebook which means that our family outings will be forever remembered!

Having a collection of family members inside your social media accounts allows you to be updated on family news and keep in touch with those you don't see often. This is probably one of my favourite things about having distant family members on my Facebook because I can keep up with the gossip and ever-growing news of the family.

Although they can be embarrassing, I believe we should embrace our family being on social media because it means you'll always have some one to tag in funny videos, reminisce about old memories and talk to about anything!