A Message From Mr Manning

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of our listeners have had a good half term and have settled into 2017.

So I need to apologise, you might have noticed that our release schedule has not exactly been a regular one over the past few months; this is not because the content hasn’t been produced however it is because I’ve been struggling to get everything out there for you all to listen to. It has been an extremely busy few months both in terms of work here at the college and personally.

So today, I need to let you know that I am hoping that over the next few weeks we will return to normal; I can also safely say that we have been working on some fantastic content and projects which we hope to announce very, very soon.

I would also like to introduce the new senior team we have here at Felpham FM, who have been helping me to hold down the fort over the past few months. Just before Christmas I promoted the following students to new positions within the Felpham FM team - Jessie Moon as Deputy Network Manager, Nikki Mooney as Written Content Editor and Rob Brown / Kieran Quinlan as Audio Content Editors. I am extremely grateful to them as well as the entire Felpham FM team for all of the work they have been putting into the network each and every week.

So that is it for now, remember to keep following us on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest announcements and news. Finally as always, thank you for continuing to support us.

Mr Manning
Felpham FM Network Manager