Written By: Nikki

There are a few times in a year where you can stop and admire the beauty of something. Some of these times include the bliss of a sunrise or the first snow fall of the year. However if there is something we should all agree on, it should be that Autumn is the best season of all. I have composed a list of my top ten reasons why Autumn leaves me feeling peaceful.

1 - Constantly changing colours

There's nothing more calming than watching the worlds surfaces go from deeps greens to fierce and fiery reds.

2 - Crisp crunch

And as the leaves start to fall graciously to the floor, there's a feeling of comfort as you walk over them.

3 - Winter wardrobe

Be gone with those bright beach bikinis and dig out those warm, chunky jumpers and wholly knitted scarfs.

4 - Endless amounts of hot chocolate

Returning home, getting into your pyjamas and making a creamy hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows. It leaves you feel warm and cozy.

5 - Fresh air

Taking a walk through the woods, feeling the cold, crisp air redden your cheeks and temporarily freezing your nose.

6 - Totally too much TV

Autumn is the perfect excuse to laze around and watch complete rubbish on telly. Around this time of year, there's always exciting new series starting up or its even acceptable to rewatch your favourite film for the 700th time.

7 - It's nearly Christmas

Once the nights starts getting dark by 5 o'clock and the shops starts selling festive chocolates, you know it's officially nearly Christmas (even though it is 2 months away) which would make anyone feel a tingle of excitement spark inside them.


But before we can even start to think about Christmas, we must decide our Halloween plans. Whether you dress up and go to a party or stay home and wait for trick or treaters, Halloween is definitely a time to look forward to.

9 - Roaring flames and fireworks

As if Halloween wasn't enough, we have the excitement of bonfire night fast approaching. Remember, remember the 5th of November! Watching fireworks explode in the night sky and sitting next to an open fire toasting marshmallows is certainly a time to look forward to.

10 - Fire

Once you get home and the evening begins to get chilly and cold,you can snuggle up on the sofa with a multitude of soft, cuddly blankets in front of the fire. The perfect end to the day- and to the end of my list!