Beauty by Robin Mckinley vs Disney’s Beauty and The Beast

Written By: Charlotte

Beauty is a book written by Robin Mckinley and is basically a re-telling of the original story of Beauty and The Beast, only a hundred times better. In the book Beauty think she is plain and ugly but when her father gets in debt to a horrible beast and has to go to his castle, she valiantly takes his place. At first she is scared of the Beast but, as the story goes, she soon learns to love him despite his looks, turning him into a handsome prince. I’m going to be comparing the book to Disney’s version of the story. I’m going to start off by saying that, in my opinion, Beauty wins. Don’t get me wrong I love Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, I love all Disney actually, but this book is just so good. I’ve only just finished reading it… for the second time, and I already want to read it again. It’s just that good. Now some people may not like the book because it’s written in the olden days, I’m not sure what time period exactly but my definition of olden days is any time period where they wear big heavy dresses that are super impractical if you have to suddenly run for your life. Not that there’s a lot of that in this book, but it would be nice for Beauty (the main protagonist) to have the option of being able to flee to safety without having to hike up the skirts that she will probably end up tripping over anyway. Because life is just that cruel.

I fell in love with Disney’s Beauty and The Beast and, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I still watch it today and enjoy it just as much. Because it’s probably my favourite Disney movie, or at least equal to Mulan and The Lion King, and it’s awesome. If you think differently then I don’t even know why you’re reading this, you won’t enjoy it, but I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t like it, so I’m going to assume that you are a fan also and won’t kick you off the page. Because I can do that. Obviously.

So, anyway, IF I CAN CHOOSE Beauty over Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, then that alone is proof of how good it is. You should read it. Seriously. Do it now. Go on. Why are you still reading this? Go and read it. Okay, good.