Being Human

Written By: Marie

Being human is a UK comedy-drama supernatural TV series that began in 2008 and ended after its fifth season in 2013. The series focuses on a vampire, werewolf and ghost as they try to live life as humans. In the first series Mitchell, the vampire, is played by Aiden Turner; George, the werewolf, is played by Russell Tovey and Annie, the ghost, is played by Lenora Crichlow. In the last two series the main characters are different with a ghost named Alex (Kate Bracken), a werewolf called Tom (Michael Socha) and a vampire named Hal (Damien Molony).

We all know that the characteristics of vampires, werewolves and ghost change depending on interpretation so I’m going to tell you how they are represented in this series. Vampires have a craving for blood but don’t need to drink it. In this series Mitchell has decided to stop drinking blood, although this is very hard to maintain as the craving never fades. They also drink and eat normal food, they have enhanced speed, strength and senses and are immortal and don’t age. When drinking vampires fangs descend and their eyes turn black, this also happens when they show aggression or are thirsty. Weaknesses of a vampire include sunlight, religious symbols and stakes. Once a month during the full moon werewolves transform into wolf-like monsters and lose all control and it is also extremely painful. In human form werewolves are just like other human except they have heightened senses and they can pass on the curse by either biting or scratching another person. Weaknesses of a werewolf include that they can be killed just like a human, although they are tougher, and they cant cross running water. Ghosts are the spirits of dead people and when they die they usually pass through a door to the other side unless there is something unresolved about their deaths in which case they can’t pass over until it has been resolved. Ghosts can teleport over long distances, can pass through solid objects, cannot be physically harmed, have telekinesis, are invisible and can read a person aura. Ghosts can be seen by other supernatural being but not human although any is visible to humans briefly but this is unusual.

A remake of this series has been made in the USA with the same name but I would recommend watching this series first.