Eye Colour

Written By: Charlotte

There are loads of awesome eye colours, like Bright Green, Ice Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Hazel (which can be a mix of brown, green or amber) and even purple. You heard me right, purple. And then there is my eye colour, blue-grey. Pretty dull if I do say so myself. I’ve always wanted a cool eye colour, one that grabs people’s attention. Instead I’m stuck with mine. The only redeeming factor is that sometimes they look greyer in dull mornings or kind of green in some light.

I know plenty of people I would gladly switch eyes with. My younger sister has these awesome green eyes. My dad has these amazing bright Blue eyes (ooohh alliteration pats self on back). And my… friend Jay has brown eyes, like chocolate… I love chocolate. I wonder if it’s possible. Switching eyes with someone, I mean. It might be. In Naruto Shippuden (a Japanese Anime) Sasuke takes Itachi’s eyes because he want s the Mangekyou Sharingan, they’re eyes that can put people under genjutsu. However, they remove them by pulling out the eyes with chakra, which I don’t possess. At least I don’t think I do.

If I had to pick an ideal eye colour, I think I’d go with violet, because they’re cool, and purple’s my favourite colour. What about you guys? What would your ideal eye colour be? If it’s the one you already have then I congratulate you, if it is a colour completely different from your own, then I share your pain.