Felpham FM Turns One!

So today is a big day for us here at Felpham FM, we launched a year ago today!! Thats right, our little network is celebrating its 1st birthday.

It's been a fantastic journey over the past 12 months - we added a number of new shows to our rooster, we've gained a brand new partner NRG Marketing, our team has grown with the addition of the new year 12 students and the newly created Felpham FM News Corp, which is made up of 6 extremely enthusiastic Year 7 and 8 students.

Over the past few months, I've seen our original team members become an outstanding team of journalists and hosts; never afraid to cover the content they feel is important and put forward their views. As for our new team members, their ability to repeatedly think outside of the box continues to amaze me and I really can't wait for you all to hear and read what they have been producing.

I am extremely proud of every single member of the team. They deserve full recognition for what they have achieved over the past year because in reality this network isn't down to the work I do, it's down to them - every single episode, every single post is theirs!

So here we go, my thanks go to: Carla, Jess, Jacob, Sophie, Elsie, Charlotte, Marie, Maddison, Flynn, Matt, Dennis, Charlie, Molly, India, Nikki, Kieran, Tommy, Luke, Charley, Kayleigh, Olivia, Katie, Erin, Harry and Robbie.

So, next time you see these guys in the corridor, please take the time to congratulate them - trust me when I say ... they really, really deserve it.

Mr Manning - Programming Manager