Halloween Must Watches - Films to make you cry!

Written By: Carla

So it's Spooktober (otherwise known as October), and I am here to give you the complete cinematic low-down on what to watch in the lead up to Halloween! Here are my top five horror films, guaranteed to leave you looking around corners for a knife-wielding maniac... Or a diseased, raged induced, animalistic, man eating thing... No exaggeration.

5 - The Conjuring

So at five I've started with something fairly new, James Wan's 2013 'The Conjuring'. Now I watched this film with a close friend of mine in the day... you know, bright light, sunshine, bird's chirping away. And we still ended up on the sofa huddled in fear! Her mother came home, the moment she closed the front door, BANG, I'm pretty sure my heart actually dissolved into an adrenalin puree.

This film revolves around Lorraine and Ed Warren ( Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson), the Mr and Mrs of paranormal investigation. Hired to help the Perron family who are being plagued by a demonic presence in there new home. This film has a pretty simple plot to follow, with intense sense of horror, and a tone of jump scares.

4 - Halloween

Now for number four, I've taken my usual step back in time, to John Carpenter's 1979 film 'Halloween'. This film presents to you the classic horror film, a crazed, masked, knife wielding murderer with a strange vendetta. It follows the story of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the Halloween night of 1978 as she tries to escape Michael Myers, and his murderous rampage around the little town of Haddonfield, whilst keeping the children she is babysitting safe. Now as almost expected of old school horror, this film is not really what I would consider terrifying. However, the mixture of creepy plot, brilliant camera shots, and some utterly horrible yet effective music, creates one hell of a horror.

3 - The Paranormal Activity Trilogy

Yes, I am well aware I said that this would be my top five films, not my top seven, but there is no way you can only watch the first of these three films! This, though there are almost one million and two paranormal activity films now ( I'm exaggerating, the sixth one comes out this year...) to me will always be a trilogy. Over the course of 260 minuets of running time we follow the lives of Katie and Kristi, and how their lives become infected with a demonic, satanic presence. The plot for these films is fantastic, and the prequel sequencing to them is ingenious! Filmed as if to be handheld or home security cameras, these films throw jump scares at you, dark ideas, and will leave you hiding from every bump in the night.

2 - 28 Days Later

This is one of my favourite Horror films, and I would even go as far as to say one of my favourite films, full stop. ’28 Days Later’ is one of the first zombie films of it’s kind, director Danny Boyle moves away from the typical ‘I walk slow and eat brain’s’ zombie movement and instead looks a the most vicious parts of human nature. Something great about this film, is that you rarely even see the infected, it’s more what you don’t see that gets you. The plot for this film is fantastic, and will leave you thinking hard about the way the world would work in times of crisis, and more importantly… how would you handle something so utterly confusing and devastation?

1 - Blair Witch Project

So here is THE recommendation above all other recommendations when it comes to the horror genre, and this would be Daniel Myrick’s 1999 cult film, ‘The Blair Witch Project’. This film is the first of it’s kind, before Blair Witch there had been no other ‘handheld’ films… as in a home video camera, and so Myrick broke through this barrier in one of the most fantastic ways I have ever seen. The immersive nature of this film is brilliant and I have yet to find another horror that even comes close to making you feel quite as scared as this film does. The plot of this film is one of the most real horror ideas I have ever come across, combined with the way it is shot and the talent of the actors completes one hell of a horror film!

So there you have it, my top five (or seven if your counting properly) super spooky horror films to set you up for Halloween! I will be back with part two soon with the best of the worst of the horror genre. But for now I leave you with one important question… what’s that behind you?