Music Download #4

Written By: Marie

Hello everyone and welcome back to another music download. I am going to start on quite a sad note, David Bowie has decided to retire. He will still write and produce music but he will no longer be touring. Now thanks to my dad, a Bowie-fanatic, I am a very big fan of Bowie and I’m sure I am not the only one upset by the fact that we can’t ever see him live…but if that’s what is best for him then we have to learn to accept it. A more cheerful piece of news is that John Legend and wife, Chrissy Teigen, are pregnant with their first child. They have spent a long time trying to conceive and they are both said to be elated by this news. Congrats guys!!!!

The Spice Girls are in the talks of a 2016 reunion tour, excluding Victoria Beckham who has stated she does not wish to perform again. The girls are said to be worried that they will not be able to sell out venues due to being gone for so long so are attempting to do a joint tour with the boy band, Backstreet Boys. Oh My God, right? These two bands are my guilty pleasure, so I am ecstatic about this news. Green Day has announced that their movie, Heart Like a Hand Grenade, which is a behind the scenes look the making of their album, American Idiot, will be released on October 15th in America and November 11th in other countries around the world including the UK. Woo-Hoo! So excited right now.

Quick fire news:

  • Bobby Brown plans on releasing a memoir
  • Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are on a break
  • Katy Perry is releasing a live DVD
  • One Direction announce ‘Perfect’ single
  • Adam Lambert releases new music video
  • Rihanna unveils new album artwork

Thanks for reading!