Written By: Molly

Pumpkins don’t always have to be orange, they can be yellow, green and sometimes white!

Every year around Halloween most families carve the traditional orange pumpkins to put in their windows to attract trick or treaters. Originally, pumpkins were used to ward of the evil spirits let loose on Halloween night.

Different people have different approaches to how they carve their pumpkins, some people stay closer to traditional pumpkins like the ones above while others get more creative and make things like the aliens from Toy Story. Some people don’t carve their pumpkins at all but instead wrap them in different colours or paint the  outsides to avoid having to scoop out all the mess.

People don’t just use pumpkins to carve and put candles in, you can make a large variety of foods out of them like pumpkin pie and pumpkin flavoured cakes. After you’ve scooped out the insides you can bake the seeds to eat those too