Rant: Ghostbusters 2016 (Sort Of)

Reboots balance on a fine-line between great and the worst things to ever grace our screens, taint our childhoods and fill the youth with imagery created purely for marketing and money. All right, that may be a slight exaggeration but it does not excuse the fact nearly every cult-classic or franchise from years ago are being made again and glamourized for a new audience. Granted, not every reboot to hit the theatres are terrible, in fact, some are amazing and on par with the original, sometimes. Take Casino Royale (2006) certainly more gritty and grounded in comparison to the previous Bond Films yet considered on of the best in the series for a long time. Even in some cases, bigger can mean better if you take Gareth Edwards Godzilla into consideration.

So Jacob, why are you complaining? Why must you sit here and rant about something that does not affect you in the slightest and something that is not even all that bad? Because as I stated, it is a fine line, because these reboots I speak of are a minority in a sea of franchises brought to us again not because of the creativity from a cast of crew who want to make a good movie, but people who want to make a movie for money, who do not care about whether fans are pleased or entertained buy the movie but by how many butts they can squeeze into the cinema seats. And this is why I’m complaining, because people care about these films. Some people grew up with these franchises and care for them deeply and the same goes for books, fictional characters and even toys too. So when they see that there childhood, the things they were obsessed with for countless years treated with the singular intention to make money I can understand why some people may retaliate, some people may call them childish or that “it’s not a big deal” but we should respect what people care for.

So, when I see THIS…

I can understand why some fans may be a little upset (really, the first joke is based around slime/vomit) I love the original Ghostbusters film but I would not consider myself a huge fan of the franchise (due to the fact that there is one good film and anything else Ghostbuster related is as appealing as Slimer himself) but I was hoping for at least something with this film. Before you sharpen your pitchforks and prepare to sacrifice me to the gods I want to emphasize I DO NOT CARE THE GHOSTBUSTERS ARE WOMEN, I do care however that the women they picked for the role all look one-dimensional and as well written as any other film Melissa McCarthy has stared in and I swear to Zuul if she falls over once in this film I am leaving the theatre.

Why could we not have a multi-ethic group of Ghostbusters? I feel like that would have been far more interesting in comparison to seeing Leslie Jones stereotypically cry out “Oh Hell No!” on screen (all for gender equality in films we are but when it comes to stereotyping we can keep doing that, right?)

The CG looks terrible which saddens me even more because in a recent interview (as reported by Andre Meadows) Director Paul Fieg stated they always used someone on set as a ghost so the actors could react to something actually in front of them, so why does it looks less impressive with added special effects? Probably because the art team decided neon blue would be a perfect choice for the spook rating. Speaking of thing blue, anyone else catch the Blu-Ray product placement at the 1:48 mark? As you can tell I’m starting to nitpick a little here so

I’ll summaries quickly: Terrible CG, unfunny, characters have no chemistry together and poor product placement. I know it is just the trailer but I have very low hopes for this film. It is likely going to make a lot of money and keep the “everyday viewer” entertained. And if you’re an avid Ghostbuster fan and you like this trailer good for you and I hope you enjoy it (it is not my job to judge you whether you like something or another) but from my perspective, if this films makes me smile once I’ll eat my Proton Pack.

Ghostbusters (2016)

Initial Release Date: July 15, 2016 (USA)

Director: Paul Feig

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Jacob xo