Should Summer Born Children Start School Later?

Written By: Erin

There has been a big debate in the news on whether summer born children should start school later. To qualify as a summer born child you have to be born between June and August. Being a summer born child myself, I had to start school just after my fourth birthday. Normally children start school after their fifth birthday but if you are summer born, you can start just after your fourth birthday, like I did.

The schools minister, Nick Gibb, has decided to change the law on when children can start school. Parents of children born between June and August will be able to choose for them to skip a year of school so that they start when they are five, not four. However this means they will go straight into Year 1, and skip Reception year. Also people are saying the children may have to miss Year 7 or another year. On the other hand, studies show those children born in the summer, who start when they’re four, perform worse academically in later school life than those born in the autumn.

My opinion is that this is a worthy law, and it will help benefit many children’s lives. What’s your opinion?

My name is Erin Cackett. I like writing about the news, also I like Maths, reading and science. I chose to write this article because I like the news, I think it’s an interesting story and I can relate to this myself being a summer born child.