Written By: Charlotte

Socks are pretty good, aren’t they? You wear them with all sorts of shoes, like converse, trainers, and boots. However, you can’t wear them all the time because there are some shoes that they just don’t go with. For example, sandals. No offence to the people who think this looks good, I don’t want to insult you but it’s not good, don’t do it.

You can even mix and match them, like my sister (I won’t name which one for privacy reasons, not that she’d care). She wears different socks pretty much all the time. Most people do this on purpose, maybe they want to mix it up a bit, maybe they can’t decide which ones they want to wear so just wear one of each. I think my sister just does it because she can’t be bothered to find the pair but my way sounds better.

You might even get some people who are obsessed with socks. Take Dobby for instance (if you don’t know who this is then shame on you) he has been obsessed with socks ever since Harry set him free with one. He hasn’t quite grasped the concept of matching them though; he thinks they are supposed to be mixed up. I don’t think anyone has the heart to correct him. I haven’t got quite the level of obsession as him, I just think they’re a handy piece of clothing because, let’s face it, not wearing them with trainers? Gross Did you know there are even some people who collect them? Dobby included. That’s a bit strange. All due respect if you have a healthy liking for them, but collecting them? Imagine inviting someone round your house. ‘Hello, this is my house, these are my socks, ignore the smell.’ I’d get out of their as fast as I could, mainly due to the risk of suffocating from the pressure of a pile of socks falling on me.

My favourite types of socks are seasonal… or Disney… or funny ones. Okay, I have three favourites. Seasonal are awesome, especially Christmas ones, although this may be due to the fact that I love everything about Christmas. Anyway, you can get some great Christmas socks. I, for example, have a pair with candy canes on and a pair with Santa Claus flying over a house in his sleigh. Awesome, right? There are also Halloween socks, but I don’t own any. Unfortunately. Now, Disney is amazing and if you don’t think so, then please don’t even talk to me. You can get some great ones with the characters on. I don’t own any… yet, but I’m hoping to get some with Ariel and Eric on (The Little Mermaid)… or Frozen ones… or Rapunzel… or Beauty and the Beast. Alright, I’d be content with any type of Disney socks. Except Snow White. Never get me anything to do with Snow White. Funny socks can include anything from weird pictures or funny quotes. Either would be fine. Oh and, just so you know, my birthday is in a couple of months. Just saying.