I.T… or I can’t

Written By: Carla

Now. Let me begin with, what shall I call it, a disclaimer? This piece may seem a little critical, and in all honestly does not provide a reflection of FCC as a whole… just its I.T technician department; because I myself as a student am a little fed up of sitting down to do work, only to have the laptops blow up in my face before turning off entirely. And that’s not even the half of it. The internet is the biggest advance of the technological age, without it people would not have access to the world of information they do today. But may I ask this, does our entire technician department think it’s still the 1960’s? Our school internet security system, though definitely working, works a little too well; what with practically the entirety of the internet blocked from school student use. When the department find it necessary to block useful sites, such as YouTube and Pintrest, but leaves rather questionable dating websites open to all, you know you have a little bit of a problem on your hands… do you not?

I am not being critical of the staff that operate our school I.T services, please do not misconstrue this. If I can be so bold as to say, I am being critical of the training, or lack thereof, they have been given. I think it’s safe to say, we can all see the problems that are constantly arising concerning computers, projectors, and the like. So, is it wrong of me to ask, why is there nothing being done to change the necessary ability to fix these things? Would it really hurt all that much to send a few of our technician staff on a short training program in order to stop the recurring problems we keep on seeing? Maybe I have no jurisdiction here to be criticising the school systems, but as a student, and a journalism student at that, I think it’s important to highlight the issues that are facing Felpham’s students and its teachers. How are we supposed to complete work necessary to pass our exams when we cannot even access the information and tools we need to do so.