The Phantom Of The Opera

Written By: Marie

The Phantom of the Opera was originally a book that was then adapted into a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1986. Then in 2004 it was adapted into a movie which is what I will be talking about. The movie stars actors such as Emmy Rossum as Christine Daae; Patrick Wilson as Viscount Raoul de Chagney and Gerard Butler as The Phantom.

The story begins in Paris 1870, with the Opera Populaire’s Manager, Lefevre (James Fleet), leaving. His successors Andre (Simon Callow) and Firmin (Ciaran Hinds) begin running the Opera House, bringing along their new patron, Viscount Raoul de Chagney. To celebrate, the new management of the Opera throws a gala, at which the leading diva, La Carlotta (Minnie Driver), refuses to perform due to the mysterious Opera Ghost who continues to try and get her to leave the Opera. Andre and Firmin believe that they will now have to refund a full house but Madame Giry suggests that a young chorus girl named Christine can perform as she has been taking lessons from a mysterious tutor. Raoul, Christine’s childhood sweetheart, recognizes her when she performs and wants her back in his life. But now that Christine’s tutor has revealed himself, will she chose Raoul or listen to the Music of the Night. The film was directed by Joel Schumacher and features songs such as Music of the Night, Angel of music, Masquerade and of course he title song The Phantom of the Opera performed by Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.

The Phantom’s real name is Erik, though this is never mentioned in he movie, and he was born hideously deformed and horrified his mother, which caused him to run away from home and fall in with a band of Gypsies. As he helped build the Opera as he got older, he was able to build himself a home in the sewers and add in many trapdoors and passageways so that he could easily navigate the Opera without being seen and he took to wearing a mask. Throughout the story Erik is seen to be and insane genius but towards the end it is finally seen that he is just damaged, both physically and mentally. Christine Daae, the main protagonist of the movie, is a young soprano who was orphaned at a young age, with her mother dying when she was six and her dad when she was seven. Before he died she travelled with her father where he played his violin and she sang to earn money. Due to the amount of times she had to sing she eventually loses her passion for singing and when her father died she was brought to the Opera house by Madame Giry the mother of her best friend Meg (Jennifer Ellison). Though all of the adaptations are worth watching and reading, in my opinion this is the best.