Twin Peaks

Written By: Sophie

Many television series nowadays appear to take a 2-dimensional approach when exploring everyday life. They tend to blindly follow the conventions that are laid out in front of them, either being too predictable or too technical in terms of approach. David Lynch, however, takes a more subtle route; with Twin Peaks, lasting for 2 seasons and a feature length film, you are smacked in the face with Lynch’s creative prowess as you notice how everything is not how it seems on the surface. The series follows Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachan) into the seemingly tranquil town of Twin Peaks whereby he has to investigate the death of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). Although, as Coop gets more involved in the case, the (damn fine) coffee and the people of Twin Peaks, more secrets are uncovered and the town is a lot less ‘perfect’ than you previously expect.

Angelo Badalamenti’s eerie score reflects the nature of the show with the plethora of con artists, murderers and oddballs under the spotless veneer; one of my favourite quotes of all time, said by Lynch himself, is “My boyhood was 'See Spot Run. Elegant old homes, tree-lined streets, the milkman, building backyard forts, droning airplanes, blue skies, picket fences, green grass, cherry trees. It was a dream world – Middle America as it's supposed to be. But on the cherry tree, there's this pitch oozing out-some black some yellow, and millions of red ants crawling all over. I discovered that if one looks a little closer at this beautiful world, there's always red ants underneath." This really does epitomise the idea behind Twin Peaks and essentially, life itself and that is what makes the show something worth watching and sets it apart from the rest.

Lynch. Underrated. Unfortunately, two words that still seem to be in the same sentence to me. The visual artist’s works are that of a genius and he deserves more recognition for the art he creates. Yes, he has won 24 film awards and yes, he had 47 nominations but he isn’t someone who everyone has heard of – and everyone should. If I went up to a few people in my school and asked them to name a David Lynch film, they probably would reply with “Who’s that?”. I’m not underestimating the minds of individuals but, from experience with friends and family, they know little about him of his films and that saddens me. The cinematography is superb and it should be Lynch who is comes to mind when people think of poignancy or provocative imagery and not a sad plot caked with explosions and fast cars.

The Blue Velvet-esque series is so 90s – but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The acting may be a bit forced at times but that is expected when you are watching a something in which David Lynch is half death and David Duchovny is in drag. This is meant to be dissuading anyone reading this because it is truly worth watching it – even if you don’t like it. Just saying “I’ve watched Twin Peaks” makes you sound a bit cool and alternative in front of all the other kids. So go watch it because now is the perfect time to do so; they are currently shooting the new series so go catch up, maybe contemplate the meaning behind what you just watched, then anxiously wait for the next series like the rest of us.