Why Gaming Used To Be Better

Written By: Kieran

Now look I’m not a hipster or anything like that I just genuinely believe that gaming used to be so much better than it is now. Nowadays there is an 8 gig download for every game that you buy which takes an age to complete. I am sick of it! I long for the days when you could buy a game and play it straight away. Life was so much easier then. Cartridges worked and any cd based console didn’t make you download crap it just had loads of disks. And I miss that, all the disks I mean. It was more of an adventure when you had to take out a disk and put in a new one to play another part of a game you had. It was just more exciting. Speaking of downloads, there never used to be DLC you brought the full game. No locked content just the whole thing all at once and it was great wasn’t it? Apparently not because now if you buy a game half the content is locked on disk. And what if you get a broken disk now, what can you do? Nothing much. If the disk doesn’t work you have to buy a new one. Way back in the 90’s you just had to blow into a cartridge and it instantly worked again. You could fix them yourself, and it was great. You didn’t need fancy equipment to do it either. Another thing that used to be better in the olden days, video game box art. It was so much more epic in scale. It used to be that the cover of a game was supposed to get you intrigued and the amazing amount of detail was brilliant. Nowadays the covers are all minimalistic and rubbish. Give me back my cool covers. Another thing I miss is the humble manual. Remember those things? Yeah they told you how to play a game and all the codes for combos, or the locations of secret areas were inside. They had character information and they held so much extra cool stuff. The nearest thing we get to a manual now is the few bits of paper that are just chucked in the case. They hold no information at all, and are largely just to market more crap to you. There aren’t any secrets anymore, the moment anything cool is found people post it all over the internet. Gone are the days when reptile was a mere myth spoke about in whispers on the playground. And gaming is worse due to people’s inability to keep secrets. There aren’t any surprises anymore. And finally what ever happened to couch co-op people! Online gaming now has taken away the need for this feature, but me personally if I want to play a game I will play by myself. I don’t want people I don’t want there, constantly in my ear talking away. If I want to play multiplayer with someone then I will invite them round to my house. Then we at least have some form of social interaction. So yeah video game industry, please just give us a console that has all this stuff and games which are good. It’s the least we deserve.