Why Poetry Is A Fantastic Little Thing

Written By: Carla

So... Its me... Carla... No? Not sure? Film reel... Whats new... Yep that's it, you got it! I am back on blog posts, and I am back with a vengeance! This week, I'm taking a step away from the usual film posts, and instead am going to tell you all about poetry. Now wait right there, don't go scrolling, keep your hand FIRMLY away from the mouse-pad, let me tell you this is not the kind of post your going to want to dismiss; wether your an avid reader or a natural born book repellent, poetry is fantastic! Why I hear you ask? Because no matter who you are, there is a poet scribbling away that is perfect for you, poetry gives you more freedom with reading, whilst still letting you feel everything a book throws across 150 pages; if you struggle to claw your way though an entire novel, then poetry is brilliant, you can dip in and out of poetry as an when you please, because theres not usually a continuous plot to keep up with. Feel like reading for thirty seconds while you wait for something or someone? Then how about a Haiku? These are natively Japanese poems often about love and heart brake that have been adapted over the years into much more, take this for example:

' Blood is really warm,
It's like drinking hot chocolate
But with more screaming.'

Confused? That would be one of Ryan Mecum's zombie Haiku's from his collection *'Good poetry for your...Brains', *and yes I DO belive the pun was intended! However, if you've just read that little jem and thought, great but wheres my traditional angsty, tearful poetry, don't you worry I haven't forgotten that! If you want some poetry to really sink your teeth into, then I suggest 'Beyond Bedlam' a collection of poetry from poets from across the world who have all spent time in a psychiatrist hospital. Now this poetry is incredibly hard hitting stuff, very thought provoking and often very tear jerking.

So, wether you like the works that make you cry, or the works that make you laugh, or maybe you have absolutely no idea and just thought you'd read this because I told you to! Which ever one it is, I can almost guarantee that there is a poetry anthology out there for you! Still not sure? Well try these out for size!