Film Reel #43

So it's been a little while since I last wrote one of these things. And it'll probably be another month until write the next one, so enjoy it. The films we will be talking about on this episode are guardians of the galaxy possibly the second one but Hallum didn't specify. Mikey says he is reviewing "Being There" but he may have just been saying that he will be there but got his spellings confused. Toby is talking about some documentary about shoes called Abstract: The Art of Design – Tinker Hatfield (we'll try and make it somewhat entertaining don’t worry) and Joe is getting noir by talking about Mad Max Fury Road black and chrome edition.

MHz is coming! On July 1st/2nd, Felpham FM is going to be carrying out it’s most ambitious project - 6 Shows, 15 Hosts, 24 Hours, 1 Simple Message … It’s Time To Talk. MHz is a 24 hour streaming event in order to raise awareness of Mental Health, visit for more details.

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