8 Bit News #21

In this episode of 8 Bit News, Maisie is joined by Alex from Armasneddon and Music Mania to discuss both music, video games and how they come together. PLUS they somehow end up talking about Lord Of The Rings and deaths at Disneyland. So just another typical podcast from 8 Bit News then …

MHz is coming! On July 1st/2nd, Felpham FM is going to be carrying out it’s most ambitious project - 6 Shows, 15 Hosts, 24 Hours, 1 Simple Message … It’s Time To Talk. MHz is a 24 hour streaming event in order to raise awareness of Mental Health, visit www.felphamfm.com/mhzevent for more details.

You can find the hosts of 8 Bit News on Twitter, follow them @fcc8bitnewsfm to talk to Maisie and Kieran.

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