Film Reel #33

On this episode the boys will be going back to the winning formula of looking at four different films/ TV shows . Hallum will be fumbling through Gladiator (it came out In 2000, although he'll probably say it came out in 1956). Mikey will be discussing the critically acclaimed TV series Firefly. Toby's going to be steering us through a classic film, Taxi Driver. And Joe will be banging on about the film Whiplash giving everyone a headache. PLUS they introduce a new segment which defiantly won't get made redundant after three episodes, in which they invite a guest on to talk about a film or a film franchise and then answering a general film quiz.

You can find the hosts of Film Reel on Twitter, follow them @fccfilmreelfm to talk to Hallum, Joe, Toby and Mikey.

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