What's New #21

Join Carla and Maddison for a new episode of What’s New? This week they discuss the tragic news about the attacks in Paris, talking in length about the what is known so far (as of the 16th November). They then move onto some lighter news including phones needing a ‘bed mode’ and Google cars being pulled over for being too slow.

We would just like to say that this episode does cover topics which some of our audience may find difficult to listen to, however we felt that it needed to be discussed. If you would like to skip to the lighter news topics, jump to 21:39 in your podcast app. Our hearts go out to of all those affected by the attacks in Paris - The Felpham FM team.

Links and Show Notes

You can find the hosts of What’s New? on Twitter, follow them @fccwhatsnewfm to talk to Carla and Maddison.

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