Hi, I’m Ed. I like to talk a lot. What I talk often isn’t sense, but I still do a lot of it. I’m quite basic, so all I really like is football and TV. Thanks, bye. 


Hello, I’m Alfie. I don’t like to talk to a lot. What I often say though makes good sense, but I don’t say it a lot. I’m very complex, so all I really like is football and films. Thanks, bye. 


My name is Jessie (not Jessica) and I’m this years Deputy Podcast Network Manager. I’m a music anorak and a keen festival goer, Glastonbury being one of those. Ask me anything about 80’s indie music and I’ll have the answer. Pop music has never been my thing so you won’t be finding me at the front row of a Rihanna concert any time soon and I’m very excited to be part of the new Felpham FM team :)


Hello, my name is Joe and I have been given the task of writing a bio. So what should I say? You already know my name from the previous sentence so what else? Well I am a pretty big fan of films. I don’t really have a favourite film or a least favourite film but I do have a film podcast which comes out every week called Film Reel and you can listen to it if you want, no pressure. 


Hi guys my name’s Kieran, I’m a writer and one of the hosts of 8 bit news, I’m possibly the nerdiest fellow you’ll ever meet. I’m a huge fan of almost everything. I collect films and old video games, I speak 3 different languages and I love comics and music too. I’m kind of an all-rounder. Please try your best to put up with my monotone voice and my sarcasm for as long as you can, and have a nice day.


Hi! My name’s Maisie. As is evident with the show I co-host I love video games, especially the classics. I also enjoy baking and musical theatre but thats’ not really relevant. I hope you enjoy listening to my rambling on Felpham FM.


Hi, I'm Nikki! I'm in year 13 and I write blogs for Felpham FM. I enjoy watching films, listening to music and learning new things- which is where I get most of my inspiration from. I hope you enjoy them!:)